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Life as a teacher doesn’t always line up with what we envisioned when we first made the decision to shape young minds.  Challenging behavior makes teaching difficult and frustrating.  Classroom Champions provides you with the tools and resources to create the classroom environment you always wanted.  These strategies are based on the science of behavior from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  While ABA is best known for its benefits for individuals with autism, these strategies help you take control of your classroom, tap in to your students’ motivation and make learning fun.  Start now to get back your joy of teaching!

Running low on creativity? Check out our fun ideas and downloadable content. Use these activities to make learning fun and motivating!

Challenging behavior occurs every day in the classroom.  These classroom management strategies are based in behavioral science and are proven to work!

Students today require a different approach to motivation than even a few years ago.  Learn how to motivate today’s student to help them succeed!

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